Quiche is very easy to make! And it is also very fast!


I cooked some bacon,onion, shimeji, and broccoli for the filling.

quiche dough
hard flour 100g
Wholewheat flour 40g
butter 40g
Pinch of salt
cold water 60g

mix all the ingredients together and keep it in the fridge least one hour.

egg mixture
law fat milk 200ml
2 eggs
salt and pepper

Mix all the ingredients together.

1) cook the dough with weights on top - 220℃ oven for 5 minutes
and 5 more minutes without the weights.

2) put the fillings, cream cheese, and the egg mixture,
and cook 220℃ oven for about 30minutes.

Easy, fast, and taste good! I love quiche!! :):)
by chi_cor | 2006-12-09 20:10 | Baking