TOFU steak

TOFU steak
It is really easy to make but I'd never tried it before.
Just didn't have a chance.

f0111926_9174545.jpg1)TOFU drain water off and cook on the pan
2)after both side became golden brown,
add mushroom, NANOHANA
sauted on the side.
1/2cup DASHI
2 Table spoon soy saunce
2 Table spoon MIRIN
boil for 5-10 min

4)put TOFU on the plate(leave the vegetables yet)
5)add agar into the pan and mix well
and put on the TOFU

f0111926_9285758.jpgRENKON salad
1) RENKON(a lotus root [rhizome]) boiled in the hot water with salt
2)drain it well
3)mix with
mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt