On the newspaper, we found the ad.

It's one bed room but we don't know until we see that place.
Even one bed room, there are some space!!!

So when we got home, just made a phone call and
asked if we can come see the place now.

They said they are working on to put a new carpet and painting
the walls, etc... so, if we want to see it after they finished all that work.

But we decided to go see it because we started work now and
we don't have much time to spend to search a place.

Anyway, as we expected, it is one bed room but also
there is a spare room, laundry room, dining space and living room.

down town, quiet area, a lot of sun shine, and clean.
carpets will be all new, walls will be freshly painted.

We love it so much!!

The owner said they still have to show the room for a few people
in next week so give us a call by end of the next week.

We just have to cross our finger...
by chi_cor | 2008-09-19 19:37 | Canada Life